Do you have difficulty with daily stress and worry a lot?

Are you struggling with your child's behavior?

Is your child having difficulties dealing with parts of the day?

Do you battle your child over technology use?

Do you want your child to learn skills for making friends?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have made the right choice by coming here.

Welcome to Positive Behavior Practice

Positive Behavior Practice (PBP) has four main goals:


  • To provide services for individuals (children, teens, and adults) and families: a broad range of services are available to learn new skills and to improve behavioral and mental health across many different situations


  • To be a resource for individuals and families: a vast amount of information is made available, including local resources, a referral directory for professionals (e.g., social, medical, legal, etc.) and related services, and upcoming events.


  • To increase public knowledge and awareness in the areas of autism, problem behavior, and mental health:  relevant news articles and websites relevant to parents and professionals are available through this website and linked social media (e.g., facebook, twitter)

Join us, take a look around, and tell us your story today

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