Behavior Assessments

Behavior Assessments

When problem behavior, such as physical aggression, tantrums, or noncompliance, occurs, it is important to determine what triggers those behaviors and what purpose that behavior serves for your child. This process typically begins with an assessment called a Functional Behavioral Assessment or an FBA. An FBA is a formal and systematic behavioral assessment to learn more about problem behaviors, such as the triggers for the behavior and the function of the behavior. The results of this assessment lead to interventions that more effectively address that problem behavior(s) and teach vital skills that make the behavior(s) less necessary.

At Positive Behavior Practice, parents are vital participants in this assessment process as well as the interventions that follow.


There are several goals for this process, including:

1. Teaching a child new and functional skills that can replace the problem behavior, such as coping skills
2. Developing a behavior interventions that focus on proactive and positive supports
3. Showing parents procedures that teach a child important replacement skills throughout the day that serve as replacements behaviors
4. Helping parents how to organize and structure their home routines that enable their child to function most successfully


This process often involves:

  • Defining behaviors
  • Collecting information about the behaviors
  • Identifying preferred objects and activities
  • Teaching appropriate behavior skills
  • Developing practical interventions aimed at reducing the frequency and severity of the behaviors
  • Monitoring the behavior to determine effectiveness of the interventions
  • Modifying the plan as need to fit the needs of the child and the family.